Hobby Ideas! By:Tom Husnik

We sure hate feeling stressed and bored with ourselves and it is us who needs to get up and do something fun and healthy that makes us feel good and relieves stress. Hobbies we can do and the best about hobbies is it’s all about you and the things you love.

Take sports baseball, football, soccer, kickball, etc. Lot’s of fun a great weekly hobby. Hobbies are wonderful, there are so many to choose from and once you start you’ll be happy you did. Collect antiques, they are fun to find or exchange with others as well as auctions, sales you’ll be surprised. Remember a man who bought a Van Gogh painting for 50 cents and it was worth millions he found it at a garage sale. Great hobby!

How about card games with friends, Gin, 500, etc. Something to look forward to at the end of your work day.

There are so many hobbies to keep us from stress and boredom. Make a choice or two and stick with it.How about doll collecting there are many and well worth collecting.Take up fishing how relaxing. Collecting toy’s and cards.How about roller skating it’s fun and good to tone up the body.Take up swimming a couple time’s a week.All sport’s are fun. If your retired and have land how about a hobbies farm school kid’s could come to your hobbies farm learn about your pet’s and feed them how wonderful to share with all age’s of people. So if your bored feeling stressed pick yourself up choose a hobbie you’ll enjoy. There are so many relaxing, fun, hobbies to choose from. And the best part about your choice it’s all about you. How about turning your hobby into a business did you know that Yahoo started as a hobby? Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo as a hobby while pursuing a PhD at Stanford University. The concept became so famous that it forced a changed of plans that resulted in the creation of the web’s most visited website. David Green of Hobby Lobby grew his business to a 1.3 BILLION dollar empire.  He talks about it in his book More Than A Hobby.



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