A List of Hobbies and Interests Ideas By:Thomas Husnik


Hobbies not only provide us the oasis of nourishing facts and knowledge along with an escape from monotonous life. Here are few Lists of Hobbies and Interests you would certainly love to look at.

Life would be very boring without hobbies; we would appear like zombies, without feelings, like blind creatures, like aliens on our own planet. Hobbies give sense to our existence.

Since early childhood we have a daily routine, since our first school days. Therefore, in order to keep a balance between busy moments and free time we take up hobbies.

We could talk about a long list of hobbies or about a list of hobbies and interests. These lists are different, depending on factors like age, sex, region, family background, education or personality.

For example, let’s start a list of hobbies or crafts according to age. When we are small children, our hobbies may be:
1. Games: Like Mario brothers, and a lot of sports games,roll playing games. 2. Cartoons which lead to hobbies are Disney ones and recently Scooby-Doo.
3. Taking up different sports: football, handball, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball
4. Playing a musical instrument: piano, guitar
5. Looking after a pet: cat, dog, hamster, fish, parrot
6. Bird watching, which means getting ready with binoculars and lots of patience and climbing mountains in order to watch eagles, for example
7. Horseback riding
8. Collecting things: stamps, badges, postcards, coins,

There are a lot of hobby ideas; you may even make a list of hobby ideas:
1. Body painting
2. Underwater photography
3. Rice sculpture
4. Exploring extra censorial capacities, through different methods like hypnosis
5. Aerobics in the water
6. Animal communication
7. Making fishing lures
8. Cooking zany food
9. Making models
10. Stars watching
11. Taming wild animals
12. Exploring volcanoes and underwater caves
13. Hobbies related to the religions of the world
14. Traveling and exploring exotic countries.

An unusual hobby is to make garden decorations from stone and cement, with glass patterns. They are easy to be made and they are not very expensive, as when we take up a hobby, we must also take into account whether it is expensive or affordable. There can be different shapes, which can be found in shops, or you may use food containers. You can create models from glass, ceramics, metal or any other material which may look good in your garden.

These hobbies can be taken up by both boys and girls.
Teenagers change their hobbies or add new hobbies to the list. Now we can talk about a list of hobbies and interests. They are mainly having following Interests:
1. Music, dancing, disco: they have usually a model in life from the showbiz and they collect everything about them
2. Sport, even extreme sports. Those can be divided into indoor sports and outdoor sports.
3. Fitness, especially those girls or women who are afraid of putting on weight
4. Cars and scooters – not just the driving but gaining detailed knowledge about their parts, different specifications of different models, their functions etc.
5. Computers, not necessarily games: they are interested in chatting with friends, sometimes with friends from other countries made on the internet
6. Movies, actors and actresses

The most courageous ones may take up extreme sports like:
1. Bungee jumping
2. Hang gliding
3. Parachuting
4. Windsurfing
5. Hot air ballooning
6. Snowboarding
If you live in a mountain area, you may have hobbies like mountain climbing, you may be interested in different species of plants, animals, birds or insects which have the habitat in your area, or you may have as hobby painting landscapes, or taking photos.
If you have a nice voice, you may start singing and even making a band.
According to sex, I can say that girls and later women are interested in:
1. Fashion
2. Cosmetics
3. Astrology, yoga, magic
4. Cooking
5. Child care
6. Diets
7. Natural remedies
8. Knitting
9. Sewing
10 Modeling
11. Dancing
12. Jewels
Special hobbies taken up by men, in general are:
1. Football or any other sport,
2 Computers – Today everything of yesteryear’s has been changed by computer revolution. There is much more than just games… It in fact opens a great large window of knowledge for everyone.
3. Movies,
4. Traveling
5. Driving
6. Riding motorcycles
7. Mountain climbing
8. Photography – there is much more than just clicking. There are various types like still photography, digital photography and various techniques like adjusting range, light and shadow, printing techniques.
9. Reading – Book are treasure of knowledge and this hobby will certainly come helping a long way in life.
10. Playing cards (which may even lead to gambling and addiction)
11. Fishing, especially in the case of extremely calm people
12. Playing chess or backgammon, or GO
13.Hunting, trap shooting 14.Brewing Beer
Family background is also important in taking up a hobby. For example, in a family where one of the members is an artist, it is very probable that their children or sportsperson have the same hobbies or interests.

Hobbies depend on personality. A choleric person could never take up a hobby like making models; fishing as he a she would not have the patience necessary.

Actually, life is great and you can make a hobby out of the most insignificant thing, with a little imagination, and it will help you have a positive thinking, and you even might consider you a happy person, even if from philosophical point of view happiness can be reached very rarely and only by a few people.

How about turning your hobby into a business did you know that Yahoo started as a hobby? Jerry Yang and David Filo started Yahoo as a hobby while pursuing a PhD at Stanford University. The concept became so famous that it forced a change of plans that resulted in the creation of the web’s most visited website. David Green of Hobby Lobby grew his business to a 1.3 BILLION dollar empire. He talks about it in his book More Than A Hobby. Here is a link that helped me http://www.hobbyforprofit.com


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