Make money from growing plants By Thomas Husnik

How would you like to make money growing plants?

Probably one of the most enjoyable thing for gardeners is watching new plants grow. I love it when one of my plants I grew from seed or cutting starts to grow, then flowers for the first time.

The only problem with growing new plants is we get to many, our gardens get crowed and we end up throwing some out, or we stop growing new plants. One solution for this is to sell some. Not only does it provide us with some space in our greenhouse, it also allows us to finance our gardening hobby, for free.

I want to share with you a secret. The most enjoyable business in the world is making money from growing plants, and if you have a few spare plants, you can start today.

The first thing you will need to do is to start growing some plants. The best way to do this is to either, sow some seeds, Take some cuttings or divide some perennials.

Sowing Seeds

To me this is a easy way to grow plants. There are lots to chose from, to start with its probably best to grow some perennials such as Lupins, delphiniums, campanula, poppies ect. We want to chose plants which are easy to grow and flower quickly. Check out a seed catalogue and look for first year flowering.

Sow the seeds in a seed tray, wait for them to germinate and within a couple of weeks that can be potted. Once potted wait a for them to flower (six to eight weeks), then sell them.

Taking Cuttings

This is a little harder than seeds, but it opens up more possibilities. You can grow most plants from softwood cuttings, but our aim here is to grow and sell quick, so chose fuchia, geraniums, Phlox ect. You can grow shrubs also this way but we want quick results to start with so if you search the web for plants to grow this way, we want plants which will root in a week and flower young.

The easiest way to take cuttings is softwood cuttings, just cut out the tips of a stock plant, put them in a small pot, 5 cuttings per pot with seed compost and wait for them to root over the next 3-4 weeks.

Dividing Perennials

This is probably the fastest method. To do this you will need some large perennials in your garden (or a friends garden). Basically we then dig the plant up, split it into as many as you can, depending on the plant you can get up to 100 small plants out of a big plant.

That’s the easiest way is to dig up your large perennial in February, then cut it up unto small pieces with a piece of the crown and a root attached. Pot this into a small pot and wait about a month for it to grow. It should be saleable with a flower in a matter of months.

This covers the basics of growing plants to sell Hope you can see what I see. The chance of a great lifestyle business

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Kind Regards

Thomas Husnik


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