Etsy: The Handmade’s Tale

etsy2If you have a craft you love but don’t know ware to sell it or maybe your looking for something unique and don’t know where to find it? Here it is.Etsy is a website that allows users to buy and sell handmade items. The company charges users a flat listing fee (of 20 cents per items), and takes a commission of 3.5% off all items sold. Etsy has a very slick Flash interface, which, combined with a smart taxonomy for listing items, makes it easy for users to find items, and helps sellers improve visibility. Items are listed under broad categories, such as Accessories, Clothing, Art, etc., and further listed under user-defined tags. Since its launch in June 2005, the site has continually added new widgets and features, and has seen corresponding growth. As of December 2007, the site boasts over 100,000 registered sellers, and has seen over 2 million sales.


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  1. mike on

    Thanks, my wife makes necklaces and scrapbooks and was looking for a place to sell them!!!

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