Chainsaw Craft By Thomas Husnik


Chainsaw carving is truly a fantastic craft to create a sculpture out of a log with a chainsaw. A beautiful way to add the finishing touch to your landscaping project. The earliest record of chainsaw carving history goes back to the 1950’s when it all began. It wasn’t until the early 60’s that the chainsaw dealerships started lining up and the state fairs and forestry expos for this craft though, and it has been building popularity and following ever since.


There are a few valuable tools in particular that are used in chainsaw carving, the main one being a chainsaw of course. It is important to choose the right chainsaw for carving, because you do not want to have one that is so heavy you will not be able to lift it. At the same time you do not want to have too light of a chainsaw that you will not be able to carve properly.

There are also other smaller tools that you may want to use for your chainsaw carving as well, such as knives or shorter blades, to get into the tight areas and do sculpting.

Just like any type of art it takes practice and patience to become proficient at chainsaw carving. If you want to become very skilled at it you will need to seek out a quality instructor who is willing to show you the fine details and tricks that are related to the art. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. If you want to become a craftsman take your time and learn. Don’t get frustrated if your first attempts don’t work out so well. Patience and practice and it will come. After time your efforts will pay off and the skills will become more automatic and the carving will flow much easier.

There are some great chainsaw carving instructors out there that you could get to help you out, at least at the very beginning when you are just getting started. They will be able to help you find the right tools for the job and show you tips and tricks of the trade.

Take all of your lessons seriously and put all of the information to use. Your instructor will take you through all of the steps in creating a chainsaw carving. Listen to all that he has to say, even holding you chainsaw properly is vitally important, not only for your safety but for the desired angles and shapes of the cuts you are trying to make.

If you really take your time and develop quality skills you can make a good living at chainsaw carving. There are many who do and if you are interested you have to get serious and practice all the time to get really good. See Cherie Curry’s story here


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