What is a Zipline Adventure?

zip lineZip lines are sprouting as fast as foliage in the tree canopies you’ll slide through during a zipline adventure. Once, considered an exotic way to view nature from above, now days, you can find a zipline adventure (sometimes called a “canopy tour”) in dozens of places around North America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Peru, New Zealand and many other countries. Click on any of the links below to learn more about specific zipline and canopy tours. In many locations, zipline tours are offered year-round.
Zipline adventures let you soar from tree to tree in rain forests, across canyons and through a variety of landscapes, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the world surrounding you. Imagine flying high, wrapped in a body harness (picture a massive diaper) that’s clipped to a steel line strung through a canopy of trees. As you fly along, you may see monkeys and birds in the trees or a chasm below you, depending upon where you are taking your zipline adventure. On many of these zipline tours you reach the ziplines by climbing stairs or ladders to platforms high in a tree. On other canopy and zipline adventures you’ll also walk across bridges strung between trees.
Skyline was voted Hawaii Eco-Tour Operator of the Year 2004 by the Hawaii Eco-Tourism Association, reaffirming our direction and vision for creating a business that can serve our island as well as our customers. Beyond conservation, Skyline is committed to developing an extremely safe and well-researched zipline tour industry. To this end we regularly redesign equipment and safety test our equipment and course. What we learn is then applied on our tour, to ensure maximal comfort and safety for our guests.“Zip lines “


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