Growing houseplants

Growing houseplants can be anything from a serious hobby to a casual pastime. Some people take their houseplants very seriously, while others just want to add a little green to their home or office.

A great thing about growing houseplants is that they help you to enjoy plants and gardening all year long. Additionally, there are houseplants for all skill levels and interests. You can try growing unusual orchids or exotic tropical plants. Or, if you’re pressed for time you can try out some tough plants like ponytail palm or jade plants, which require infrequent watering and limited maintenance.

Make no mistake, though, no matter what plants you pick, growing houseplants does require a certain amount of time and dedication. So, the more you know about growing houseplants, the easier and more fun it will be.

That’s why we’ve created this “carefree houseplant gardening guide,” which is intended to get you on your way to growing healthy and happy houseplants in no time!


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