Deadly Golf Swing…

You’ve got your ball teed, your distance calculated and your shot all lined up. Mentally, you imagine the perfect follow-through and
force as you swing through to connect with the ball.

As your club comes down, though, something goes horribly wrong. You chip the ball off in some unintended direction, or swing over it entirely…what just happened?

More than likely, what happened is you moved your head at the last second and, by force of habit, also dropped your shoulder at the top of your swing.

This is deadly to your swing!

But how do you train yourself out of doing this? Even slight movements from correct posture can affect your swing, and it is not always easy to detect them.

Try this exercise the next time you’re out practicing:

1. Lift your club straight out in front of you with both hands so that it is near forehead level. This is where your club should be at the top swing. Notice the position of your shoulders?

2. Now, try to keep the ball sighted by focusing your eyes downward, and maintaining only the slightest tilt of your head. The goal here is to keep the ball in sight without tilting your head all the way down to look at it.

3. Practice your swing very slowly, keep your head level and eye steady on the ball, as you bring the club down and in front of you into the correct top swing position.

Rinse and repeat as need, until you’ve burned the procedure into “muscle memory.” I think you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your swing from this exercise in a very short time!

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