Fish for Bass With a Walking Worm

One of the most effective and exciting means of catching bass is the walking worm. walking worms are typically five to seven inches long and mimic an earth worm with a slender back section ending with a paddle tail.
The line should be at least eight pound test. Tie the hook using a clinch knot. Pass the tag or loose end of the line through the eye of the hook. Twist the loose end around the main line six or seven times and then pass the tag end back through the small loop formed above the eye of the hook. Moisten the knot and pull it tight.

Place the walking worm on the hook using a Texas rigging. Place the top or fat end of the walking worm next to the point of the hook. Make sure the flat side of the worm is next to the hook. Push the point of the hook down through the top of the worm and through the center of the body for about half an inch. Push the point of the hook out through the flat side of the worm and slide the worm up past the turn in the shank of the hook.

Turn the hook back toward the worm and push the worm up slightly so there is excess plastic above the point. Push the point through the worm and out the other side. Straighten the worm and slightly insert the point into the worm body.

Cast the worm near a structure such as a dock, rocks, brush or a wall. Allow the worm to settle, which may take several moments as the worm is fished with no weight. Once the worm reaches the bottom, allow it to move with the currents of the water.

Begin to retrieve the walking worm by raising the tip of the rod. Repeat the motion two or three times which will result in a ticking or bouncing motion. Reel the worm a few feet and stop which will allow the worm to settle to the bottom once again.

Repeat the motion until the worm is completely retrieved. Recast the walking worm, paying particular attention to areas of small cover where a bass may be lying in wait. Remember to keep the slack of the line reeled in, as this will make setting a hook much easier. Allow the fish to take the bait before attempting to set the hook.
Tips & Warnings

There are many different colors of walking worms available. Try using alternating colors when fish seem to turn off or stop biting. It may also be advantageous to use different colors at different times of year or even day.

Use caution when rigging the worm Texas style. It is possible to push the point of the hook into a thumb or finger. Once the barb penetrates the skin is becomes very difficult to remove hooks.
Patented technology makes the Walking Worm
constantly curl like a real worm – automatically!
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