Fun rainy day craft projects for kids

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by Lokemun Magar
Are you cooped up in the house with a litter of sugar-high children while they stare gloomily at the rain through the misty windows? What are some fun rainy projects for such kids? Try the following crafts to wash the boredom out of the rain which can last for days at a stretch and kids get cooped up and fed up, even in a five-floor castle.
Most of them are suggestions from boys aged below ten and recollections of childhood days when computer and television games were unheard of.
A. Big Boot Prints:
When the rain lulls for a few moments of sun, get out the boots of all your family members, mix a huge pail of quick drying liquid Plaster of Paris.
Materials: Pail, Plaster of Paris , boots, oil-based paints, varnish, lettering, decorative bits such as beads, ribbons, lace, tinsel and paper cut-outs.
Make deep foot prints or boot prints in the soft mud and pour the plaster into the sunken mud. Once hardened, dig out the plaster, go indoors and decorate your foot prints or boot prints any way you want. They make a great decor for the family wall or gifts for any occasion, depending on your decorations.
B. Clay modelling:
Clay modelling is an alternative to working with Plaster of Paris. Younger kids can make photo frames, pencil holders and clay cookies and ginger bread men the same way you would with real confectionery minus the baking. Older kids can craft frames of figures using twisted wire, coat the wire with clay, then use tools to carve out the finer features when the clay is dry. Reed the rest of the articles here. Free E Book pdf Fun Craft Projects pdf


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