4 Must Haves for Your Next Tailgating Season

Although summertime is still in full swing, football tailgating season is clearly on the horizon. The first game in the college football season is coming right up, and that means that hundreds of thousands of sports fans will be heading to the big game soon with a cooler full of meat, a bag of charcoal and the best of intentions. Experienced tailgaters know about the essentials they must have with them for a successful day, but first timers will likely make a few mistakes along the way. Here are four things that every tailgater must have to make their morning/afternoon/evening one to remember.
This one applies in the heat of a late August afternoon and during a sleet storm in late December. If you want around the tailgating lot, you will notice that the happiest, most content looking tailgaters are the ones that brought shelter. Many folks don’t want to make the initial investment, but many stores sell tent-like shelters for under $50, so if you are going to be out there every week, it is a worthwhile buy. Since most stadiums don’t have shaded seating, you don’t want to tailgate for three or four hours before the game and then sit for three more out in the direct sun (or the direct elements). It just won’t result in a fun day.
The great thing about tailgating during football season is that there are always a slew of other games going on at the same time. Back in the olden days, most of us simply listened to whatever other games were on the radio, but now, having a cheap generator that allows you to plug in a television is possible, although being able to see the screen can be a bit of a challenge without the aid of the shelter mentioned above. Many people even bring along their DirecTV dish and use that, although a simpler setup will get you broadcast stations, which usually means other games.
More Entertainment
Every tailgating lot is different. Some provide ample space for people to run around and throw a football and some don’t. If you are literally packed in like sardines, bring along a deck of cards, a board game or some other form of entertainment to pass the time. If you have room, bring a football, a baseball and gloves or something that a group of people can do that gets you active. The worst tailgate is a boring one.
We spend an obscene amount of our lives waiting around to do things. No matter how many times you’ve gone to the big game before, on the days where you tailgate (and have been looking forward to it all week), the traffic will cause you to be late. The entertainment mentioned above is also a good idea after the game is finished as the rush of cars to leave causes yet another traffic jam. Relax, thank you lucky stars you were able to spend a Saturday or Sunday out at the game, and have another burger. Next weekend will be here before you know it.
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